12th UNWTO Awards Forum

About the UNWTO Awards Forum

The UNWTO Awards Forum showcases the initiatives, best practices, and challenges of UNWTO Award finalists. It serves as a world-class platform to bring together policy makers, tourism practitioners, and tourism academia.

Every year the UNWTO Knowledge Network will organize the UNWTO Awards Forum to allow the tourism sector to learn from the outstanding achievements of UNWTO Awardees and Ulysses Prize Laureates. The Forum is organized alongside the UNWTO Awards during the timeframe of FITUR.

12th UNWTO Awards Forum

The 12th UNWTO Awards Forum showcased the outstanding achievements of UNWTO Awardees, serving as a world-class platform to share and learn about the most innovative and inspiring trends and development for the tourism sector. The event included inspirational speeches by keynote speakers from Airbnb, Facebook, Hilton Wordwilde, as well as exciting presentations by the awardees in the project categories.

To watch the 12th UNWTO Forum photos and video, please visit this page.  

To learn more on the Awardees´ projects, please visit his page. 

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