14th UNWTO Awards Forum


The UNWTO Awards Forum is held annually to showcase the projects and achievements of all UNWTO Awards finalists, serving as the ideal setting to share and learn about the most innovative and inspiring solutions to foster the sustainable development of the tourism sector. The event also features inspirational speeches delivered by keynote speakers offering their insights on the recent trends shaping the sector. 

The Forum is held alongside the UNWTO Awards Ceremony in the framework of FITUR (Spain International Tourism Fair). The 14th UNWTO Awards edition was organized with the support of the University Complutense and took place in the Paraninfo venue. 


14th UNWTO Awards winners and finalists

For more information on the 14th UNWTO Awards finalists and winners, please click here. For more information on the finalists´projects, please visit this page. 


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Press release: UNWTO announces the winners and finalists of the UNWTO Awards
Pictures of the 14th UNWTO Awards Forum
14th UNWTO Awards winners and finalists 
14th UNWTO Awards finalists projects
13th UNWTO Awards Forum



For additional questions, please contact the UNWTO Awards Team at awards@unwto.org.


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