14th UNWTO Awards winners and finalists


UNWTO Ulysses Prize for Excellence in the Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge

Awardee of the category: Valene L. Smith, Professor Emeritus and Research Professor at the California State University, Chico, California, United States of America. More information is available here.


UNWTO Award for Innovation in Tourism (Finalists in alphabetical order):

  1. Public Policy and Governance

    2. Enterprises

    3. Non - Governmental Organizations

   4. Research and Technology

For more information on the finalists projects, please click here. 

UNWTO Ethics Award 

Awardee of the category: EUROPA MUNDO VACACIONESFor more information, please click here. 


The winners and runner-ups will be unveiled during the UNWTO Awards Ceremony to be held on 17 January 2018 and distinctive Prizes will be bestowed on all winners.

The UNWTO Awards Ceremony will be preceded by the UNWTO Awards Forum on 15 January 2018 where finalists will present their respective projects and share their expertise. The Forum will showcase the outstanding achievements of the UNWTO Awardees, serving as a world-class platform to share and learn about the most innovative and inspiring trends of the tourism sector.