15th UNWTO Awards


The UNWTO Awards recognize the contribution of distinguished scholars and institutions - public, private or NGOs - to competitive and sustainable tourism development at the local, national and international level. 

Since their creation, the UNWTO Awards have recognized more than seventy institutions for their innovative tourism initiatives. The contribution of the awardees is in line with UNWTO´s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. 

The 15th UNWTO Awards cover the following three categories:

  • UNWTO Award in Public Policy and Governance: A highly innovative initiative managed by a public or public-private institution that reflects tangible and sustainable improvements in policy, processes, and governance. It works towards an inclusive model of tourism governance which involves all diverse tourism stakeholders.
  • UNWTO Award in Enterprises: An initiative presented by an enterprise that operates projects or offers products or services that are innovative in the tourism field. This innovation could be demonstrated through environmentally-friendly applications, social corporate responsibility engagement and other innovative contributions.
  • UNWTO Award in Non-Governmental Organizations: An initiative managed by a non-governmental organization with a clear non-profit scope using grassroots, partnership, governance, and/or civil society actions as key factors for its achievements. The initiative is original and inspiring in its nature, objectives, resource management and results, highlighting tourism as a strategic tool for balanced and sustainable development in economic, social and/or environmental aspects.

Finalists 15th UNWTO Awards

More information:

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