3D AR Virtual Portal, DSP Studio & Momentum Studio

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology

Winner: 3D AR Virtual Portal, DSP Studio & Momentum Studio, Croatia

3D AR Virtual Portal employs cutting edge technology such as augmented reality as a tool to enable a rich and customised tourist experience, while developing and strengthening cultural tourism. 3D AR Virtual Portal implemented augmented reality projects in three of Croatia´s key attractions: St. James cathedral in Sibenik, the monument to the cathedral builder Juraj Dalmatinac (George the Dalmatian), and the UNESCO plaque World Heritage Site. The augmented reality applications provide users with personalized and multimodal interactive information in real time and space about the visited destination, micro-location, monuments, historic buildings, culture etc. 3D AR Virtual Portal also functions as a research tool that allows destination managers to understand how visitors interact with the attractions using the application and social media outlets.

Contact: nenad.obrenovic@net.hr

Website: http://www.momentum-studio.com/augmented-reality-juraj-dalmatinac-virtua...