The Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department works to provide knowledge and strategic guidance to support tourism destinations and the sector at large become more competitive and improve destination management through efficient policies and governance. 

Make tourism destinations more competitive.


  • Create a one-stop shop on major tourism trends and forecasts
  • Set Recommendations and Guidelines on key issues defining tourism competitiveness
  • Create platforms for sharing of good practices on tourism planning, development and management

Areas of work:
Understand - from data to market intelligence

  • Global Trends and their impact on tourism (consumer changes, demographics, forecasts)
  • Global and Regional Tourism Trends
  • Trends on Source Markets
  • Trends on Products & Segments

Plan and Act - destination management & competitiveness

  • Competitiveness factors
  • Tourism Planning
  • Destination Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing & Branding