About Tourism Trends and Marketing Strategies

The Market Intelligence and Promotion Department was established within the WTO Secretariat in 2000 following the 13th General Assembly.

Its overall mission is to provide the Members of the Organization with the information they need for completing their qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the tourism markets, identifying market trends and selecting effective techniques of tourism promotion and its evaluation.


The Market Intelligence and Promotion Department aims to:

In the area of market intelligence:

Identify and analyse tourism market trends;
Develop short and long term tourism forecast;
Increase and disseminate knowledge on specific market segments and generating markets, in particular the ones with the fastest growing trends.
In the area of tourism promotion:

Develop benchmarking between the National Tourism Administrations / Organizations (NTAs / NTOs);
Define means and strategies to maximize the effectiveness and return of tourism promotional activities.

For more information: marketing@unwto.org