Arromanches 1944, Biplan

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Enterprises

Winner: Arromanches 1944, Biplan, France

On site view of the artificial port Arromanches 1944

Arromanches 1944 is an innovative mobile application which enables visitors to discover the harbors of Arromanches as it was during the Second World War. The application enables visitors to create an emotional connection with the historical landscape by providing a 3D tour of the Arromanches harbor with enriching educational value. All contents have been created in close collaboration with museums, memorials and universities. Arromanches 1944 is a result of a multidisciplinary partnership of cultural institutions, territorial collectives, tourism institutions, a company, a university and the local competitiveness board and shows how technology can help promote the touristic and cultural value of historical place.

"We felt deeply honored by the UNWTO Ulysses Award. Such recognition takes even more meaning this year since it commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the allies Landing in Normandy. We hope that an app such as ARROMANCHES 1994 will help keeping vivid the memory of this event through younger generations"  

Antoine Allain. Director of Biplan

Arromanches 1944     Biplan