Becoming a partner


Why become a sponsor?

UNWTO invites you to be part of the host celebrating the UNWTO Awards. The UNWTO Awards have established a strong and prestigious brand within the global tourism sector. The outreach of the UNWTO Awards expands much beyond for UNWTO’s 156 Member States and more than 500 Affiliate Members, arousing international interest and media coverage.

By partnering with the UNWTO Awards,

  • Your brand will be associated with UNWTO, the United Nations Agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.
  • It will further give you an opportunity to position yourself as a major advocate for innovative and sustainable tourism by contributing to acknowledge and broadcast the latest advances in tourism.
  • Your sponsorship will demonstrate a level of commitment and support for excellence and innovation in tourism which will be displayed and acknowledged throughout the UNWTO Awards.

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