The Childsafe Movement



The ChildSafe Movement is a global child protection initiative created by Friends-International (FI) in 2005, protecting children from all forms of abuses. It raises awareness of child protection among all tourism industry stakeholders, including well-intentioned tourists whose behaviours may incur negative consequences on children and communities. Activities include international media and grassroots campaigning, training of tourists, training and certification of businesses. The result is a unique local and international network empowered to stand up against the exploitation of vulnerable children in the tourist industry.

Key community and business members including village chiefs, street sellers, taxi drivers, monks, tour operators and hotel staff are trained and certified to identify and protect children from abusive situations and are equipped to respond immediately to a child in danger. 24/7 Hotlines are managed by social workers who are in the best position to take appropriate actions. Travellers using the services of the ChildSafe Network members such as hotels, travel agents, tuk tuks and mototaxis support a network that protects children. The ChildSafe Traveler Tips, available in 9 languages, and large-scale campaigns provide practical advice to tourists on better ways to help protect children and help raising awareness and encouraging further discussion among relevant stakeholders globally.



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