Coral Reef Reborn



Yayasan Karang Lestari (Coral Restoration Foundation), founded by Agung Prana some 20 years ago, has transformed a poor fishing village into a destination of choice for marine tourism in Bali. In the Pumeteran Bay, coral reefs were heavily destroyed by fishermen using bombs and poison to boost their catch.

When Agung Prana first decided to take action to protect coral reefs, he first faced a reluctant village that was suspicious of his motives when he urged them to practice responsible sustainable fishing. he villagers agreed to rehabilitate the coral reefs in Pemuteran Bay, protecting the environment, ensuring a cleaner, healthier village, while improving their welfare and spiritual well-being, as well as adopt appropriate technology for rehabilitation and preservation of coral reefs in the area. Concrete actions taken include banning the use of bombs and potassium for fishing, prohibiting sellers/hawkers from pestering visitors and encouraging locals to start new businesses in marine tourism and hospitality industry.

Thanks to this successful Coral Restoration Project initiative involving the entire community, diverse and colourful coral has flourished, transforming the area into a prime snorkeling and diving destination that attracts tourists worldwide.