Data, intelligence and trends

UNWTO generates knowledge in order to enhance the understanding of tourism trends and the economic impact of tourism through the:

  • Collection and analysis of tourism data
  • Analysis of key global trends and their impact on tourism
  • Analysis of tourism market segments and products
  • Development of short- and long-term forecasts.

Our research provides the latest tourism market intelligence and identifies good practices for successful development and marketing of destinations. 

Regular reports

- UNWTO World Tourism Barometer
- UNWTO Tourism Highlights

Specific reports (recent examples):

- Asia Tourism Trends (UNWTO/ GTERC)
- European Union Tourism Trends (UNWTO/European Commission)
- Handbook on Marketing Transnational Tourism Themes and Routes (UNWTO/ ETC)
- New Platform Tourism Services (or the so-called Sharing Economy)
Tourism in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region
- GCC Outbound Travel Market (UNWTO/ ETC)

UNWTO Tourism Confidence Index