Experience Tour Project, Instituto Marca Brasil - IMB

2012 UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations

Winner: Experience Tour Project, Instituto Marca Brasil - IMB

A partnership set up by local business owners, SEBRAE/RJ and the Instituto Marca Brasil resulted in the implementation of the Expanded Experience Tour Project and Marketing in the towns of Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo. The project seeks to improve the image of the mentioned destinations, publicize them and encourage the sales of the Experience Tour through the training and certification of the tourist enterprises which offer experiences and marketing services in the sector. The ultimate purpose is to  place the destination and the Tour brand in the market, selling the destinations and creating new products, expanding the existing network and finally increasing the tourism flow in the region. The programme will have impact in 72 enterprises and over 60 new products will be inserted in the market, changing the brand image of Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo.

" Winning the UNWTO Ulysses Award  meant the recognition of the efforts of Instituto Marca Brazil, our partner SEBRAE and all the tourism sector in the region. This award increased the visibility of  IMB, assisted in closing new business and provided us with an international seal of quality."

Daniela Bittencourt Moraes Acting President IMB



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