First Professional Experience Project


Meliá aims to create shared value for its stakeholders and pays special attention to children and other people at risk of social exclusion. Its global CSR strategy includes initiatives aimed at promoting the employability of young people at risk of exclusion by enhancing their skills and capabilities beyond that of theoretical training.

For Meliá, teamwork and collaborative platforms are fundamental, and that is why the origin of the project is in the 2013 “Eleven more for lunch” initiative, in which Meliá joined forces with the Pinardi Foundation to make it possible for eleven young people to be trained as kitchen assistants at the Tryp Madrid Alcalá 611.

The initiative was developed within the framework of the Pinardi “In and With the Company” training program for socially vulnerable young people who wanted to learn about the technical issues of the profession in a real working environment. By working within the company, the youngsters received a learning experience in a real-life context and were able to develop specific skills for some of the positions in greatest demand in the tourism industry today. 

The original initiative has grown in approach, focus and scope, setting a challenge to improve the employability of 35 young people at risk of social exclusion. JP Morgan also joined the project as a sponsor and the Accenture foundation provided technological support and language skills. We believe that the initiative deserves recognition.

Thanks to the efforts of all of our partners, we are promoting an innovative social-work model that helps youngsters get their first job opportunity in a professional environment, providing them with experience, personal development, maturity and the skills to help them in their search for employment.

The project is part of the Meliá Hotels International CSR strategy and is a social initiative for the development of employability whose main mission is to improve the conditions of young people at risk of exclusion, by increasing the quality and stability of employment, promoting equal opportunities and enhancing self-awareness and self-improvement in a real-life environment. Meliá is listening to the new generations that require a more responsible attitude from leading companies.

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