Hotel ICON Ltd, ICON Hotel

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Enterprises

Second Runner-up: Hotel ICON Ltd, ICON Hotel, Hong Kong SAR, China

Hotel ICON is a 262-room luxury hotel – with five-star finishes – managed to the

Hotel ICON is a 262-room luxury hotel managed by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The property integrates teaching, learning and research in a full-service environment, where future hospitality leaders gain first-hand insight on industry standards. Hotel ICON fosters research in hospitality through its Tomorrow´s Guestrooms programme, which includes three prototype guestrooms where research on interior design, innovation in materials and products and health and well-being is conducted. The Hotel is also a leader in applying innovation on environmental practices since its inception. As an educational institution, the Hotel provides learning opportunities for students to participate in hands-on internships and mentoring programs, and experience new hospitality industry technologies.

“Being one of the four finalists for the Innovation in Enterprises is such an honour for Hotel ICON. We are an important facility in training the next generation of hoteliers and the award validates our vision to create a commercially viable, and industry-leading hotel that is admired by hospitality experts from the world.”

Richard Hatter, General Manager, Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON