Innovative use of e-tourism - Egypt´s strategy 2020, Advisory Council of the Tourism Ministry, Egypt

The E-Tourism strategy was created to recover the 85% loss of Egypt’s tourism since the 2011 revolution. This fully inclusive and highly innovative strategy gathered locals, tourists, hotels, airports, tourism company owners, universities, tour operators and the Ministry of Tourism to work together for the first time. The E-Tourism strategy has many aspects and is helping fix the image of Egypt by using a 360 degree feedback process between travellers and the Ministry of Tourism. Online marketing training was given to all stakeholders including the main Universities of Cairo and Alexandria. A new marketing campaign was created using online forums and the hashtag: This is Egypt. Agencies, hotels and employees of the Ministry for Tourism were trained in website use, Google ads, SEO and other e-marketing tools so that tourism returns quickly and brings urgently needed revenue to the country. It is worth saying that many tools of the E-Tourism strategy cost almost nothing and would enable other developing countries to increase tourism.


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