International Quality Brand for Hospitality for All, Village for All

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Enterprises

First Runner-up: International Quality Brand for Hospitality for All, Village for All, Italy

At Camping Village San Francesco (Desenzano del Garda – Brescia). Pool lifter

International Quality Brand for Hospitality for all (V4A®) is a network and certification programme that promotes accessible tourism facilities. For visitors, it provides a thorough database in six languages with information about tourism facilities that adjust to a comprehensive list of special needs or disabilities. For tourism facilities and entrepreneurs, it provides a one of a kind certification programme, including an audit of the suitability of the physical facilities for accessible tourism. Currently, there are 50 tourist facilities who have obtained the Brand V4A® (including villages and campsites, hotels, residences, agro-tourism, B&B, apartments, beaches, cable cars, etc.).

“Our concept is applicable in the whole world; it is not only about Italy and its standards: it is about consumer needs. V4A®is a brand that might cover every country that decides to share its Hospitality Quality in a responsible way. Been finalists in this category, means been in line with UNWTO´s principles of peace and equality. It is not about Accessible Tourism as a separate aspect of the value chain: it is about Tourism in its more comprehensive meaning.”

Roberto Vitali, V4A® President