Key Figures: Amsterdam as a Convention Destination

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology

First Runner-up: Key Figures: Amsterdam as a Convention Destination, Amsterdam Marketing

At the crossroads of technology, research and design, Key Figures: Amsterdam as a Convention Destination is an innovative way of widening the audience of statistical data by reducing its complexity and creating emotional engagement.

With this project, Amsterdam Marketing created an imaginary yet extremely detailed view of Amsterdam in which easy-to-understand infographics were seamlessly integrated. This world of infographics made digging into the data a whole new experience, and enabled storytelling. Innovative design and the ability to create multiple access points to the world of data (printed report, e-book, live presentations and cloud-based audio presentations) were the cornerstones of the project.

Key Figures: Amsterdam as a Convention Destination demonstrates that giving a human face to data is possible and helps both the meeting industry and the destination do better business. 


This UNWTO Award has been a great honour and has had a strong energizing effect on our own team and on our partners. We interpret this prize as a fantastic incentive to do even more ground-breaking work in the field of research and technologies.

Olivier Ponti – Manager Research Amsterdam Marketing