Landscape of the Year, Naturefriends International

2012 UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations

Winner: Landscape of the Year, Naturefriends International, Austria

Everu two years since 1989, Naturefriends International has proclaimed a transboundary and ecologically valuable European region as 'Landscape of the Year' (LOY). Since then, they succeeded in setting starting points for sustainable regional development in 12 cross-border regions throughout Europe.

The award motivates the region to shift the protection of landscape and biodiversity into the center of regional development and sustainable tourism; elaborating and implementing appropriate regional schemes. This includes long-term projects, tourism, leisure, cultural and environmental activities for local stakeholders as well as for a broader public, and also political awareness raising and advocacy at regional, national and European level. Over the course of the years, the LOY award has become a successful trademark, being regarded by the broad public and by individual consumers as prime ecotourism regions.

"The UNWTO Ulysses Award is a great honour for Naturefriends' commitment, fostering sustainable tourism development in 13 border-crossing Landscapes of the Year in which 14 countries and around 5000 volunteers have been involved and more than 200 events have been organized over the past 25 years"

Christian Baumgartner, Secretary General


Contact: (+43) 1 892 3877