Mobile Application Bike Rijeka



The Croatian destination ‘Rijeka and the Rijeka ring’ is unique in the region, differentiating itself from the other destinations in its nearest surroundings. The area is characterized by an extremely rich natural and cultural heritage, which was until recently unknown as it had not been sufficiently well developed.

To fully embrace the rich potential the area has to offer, Rijeka Tourism board developed a mobile application aimed at facilitating the experience of cyclists’ tourists. Bike Rijeka  unifies bicycle routes of the Rijeka ring, including more than 40 existing bike paths covering over 600 kilometers and guides the cyclists through tracks, providing them navigation indications. Navigation path, apart from the trail, also displays driving statistics, driving time, distance covered and speed. Moreover, the application displays information on points of interests along the way, allowing the visitor to fully appreciate the extremely rich heritage of the region.  

This application therefore becomes a useful guide to discover the different parts of the Rijeka ring, enhancing the brand identity of the region while promoting a sustainable tourism.



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