Plentifulness Project


The plentifulness is a project of the Brazilian gastronomy involving research, travel, events and communication channels. We believe that gastronomy is far beyond the restaurants and the tables of the great chefs and could be an important path for the appreciation and protection of the producing methods and products, as we are creating business, jobs and income. The Plentifulness Gastronomy began 4 years ago covering 22 Brazilian states, which have more than 60.000 km, 145 cities and completed 400 interviewees. The content of the project was taken to the events: Tiradentes Culture and Gastronomy Festival and Plentifulness Fortaleza Festival.

To increase the Brazilian Gastronomic culture and divulging the content, we use various communication channels such as books, website, social networks, radio and short films. The Tiradentes Culture and Gastronomy Festival is already performed for 18 years and has promoted profound changes in the city of Tiradentes, which had an increase of 300% in the GDP of the city recent years and had a considerable increase in the hosting services and food supply according to the IBGE. The main objective of the projects is to identify the productive chain of the Brazilian gastronomy, enhance the ways of doing and knowledge of the food culture around the gastronomy production chain, host events and festivals that enable knowledge, tasting and audience interaction with actors and professionals of the Brazilian gastronomy and contribute to the development of tourist initiatives involving the gastronomy productive chain.

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