Smart Tour Guide, Korean Tourism Organization

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology

First Runner-up: Smart Tour Guide, Korean Tourism Organization (KTO), Republic of Korea

Smart Tour Guide is a mobile audio guide that contains unique stories of about 55 of Korea`s most important destinations including Seoul, Gyeongju and Korea´s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This initiative is backed up by a strong partnership of local governments, private organizations, cultural organizations and other tourism related organizations. The partnership allows the maintenance of the mobile application with updated information that connects with visitors at an emotional level. The mobile audio guide utilizes the latest technology to provide a user friendly platform with relevant audiovisual content, which is available even in the smallest towns of Korea. The objectives of this initiative are twofold:  to enhance the level of satisfaction of international visitors and to provide experiential e-learning opportunities for tourists and secondary schools utilizing cultural and historical educational materials.

“KTO has been working very hard to promote Korean tourism and Korean culture to the world. Being a 2013 UNWTO Ulysses Award finalist was an honor to us. It has been a great opportunity for us to publicize Smart Tour Guide application through this award in Korea. We appreciate it.”

Hyuncul Song, Director of Smart Tourism Planning, KTO

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