Strawberry Energy Concept, National Tourism Organization of Serbia

2012 UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology

Second Runner-up: Strawberry Energy Concept, National Tourism Organization of Serbia, Serbia

Strawberry Mini is a solar charger for portable devices. Sun-powered by renewable energy source, this innovative tool creates opportunity for each visitor to apply clean, green technologies on the ski slopes contributing to making the world a better place as well as to charge their mobile devices. Strawberry Mini represents both a software and hardware solution for making mountain resort and nature destinations more sustainable, allowing resorts to offer tourists the opportunity to charge mobile devices as well as to give back to the nature.

"For NTO Serbia it’s of great importance to support UNWTO activities and it was a pleasure to propose this project regarding the mission of building a sustainable tourism destination. Sometimes small initiatives can push the boundaries of thinking, and in this sense to be contestant and one of the finalists represents great pleasure".

Gordana Plamenac, CEO/Managing Director


Contact:+381 (0)11 6557-100