UNWTO World Tourism Barometer

The UNWTO World Tourism Barometer monitors short-term tourism trends on a regular basis to provide global tourism stakeholders with up-to-date analysis on international tourism.

The report is published four times a year and includes an analysis of the latest data on tourism destinations (inbound tourism) and source markets (outbound tourism). The Barometer also includes a Confidence Index based on the UNWTO Panel of Tourism Experts survey, which provides an evaluation of recent performance and short-term prospects on international tourism.

UNWTO Member States, Associate Members and Affiliate Members receive the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer as a part of member's service.

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Barometer Issues

September 2019
Volume 17

News release: International tourism up 4% in first half of 2019, World Tourism Organization reports

Comunicado de prensa: El turismo internacional aumentó un 4% en el primer semestre de 2019

Communiqué de presse : Le tourisme international en hausse de 4% au premier semestre de 2019

May 2019
Volume 17

News release: International Tourism Numbers and Confidence on the Rise

Comunicado de prensa: Turismo internacional: aumentan las cifras y la confianza

Communiqué de presse: Tourisme international: les chiffres et la confiance en hausse

January 2019
Volume 17

News release - International Tourist Arrivals Reach 1.4 billion Two Years Ahead of Forecasts

Comunicado de prensa - Las llegadas de turistas internacionales suman 1.400 millones dos años antes de las previsiones

Communiqué de presse - Les arrivées de touristes internationaux atteignent 1,4 milliard deux ans plus tôt que prévu

November 2018
Volume 16

News release - 2018 Poised to Advance Tourism's Leadership among Top Global Economic Sectors

Comunicado de prensa - El turismo, líder entre los principales sectores económicos mundiales

Communiqué de presse - 2018 devrait conforter la place dominante du tourisme dans l'économie mondiale

October 2018
Volume 16

News release - International Tourism Maintains Strong Momentum

Comunicado de prensa - El turismo internacional mantiene un fuerte impulso en 2018

Communiqué de presse - La croissance du tourisme international reste vigoureuse

June 2018
Volume 16

News release - International Tourism exceeds expectations in the first months of 2018

Comunicado de prensa - El turismo internacional supera las expectativas en los primeros meses de 2018

Communiqué de presse - Tourisme international : les résultats des premiers mois 2018 sont supérieurs aux attentes

April 2018
Volume 16

News release - Strong outbound tourism demand from both traditional and emerging markets in 2017

Comunicado de prensa - Fuerte repunte en 2017 de la demanda turística tanto en mercados tradicionales como emergentes

Communiqué de presse - Forte demande de tourisme émetteur sur les marchés tant traditionnels qu’émergents en 2017

January 2018
Volume 16 - Advance release

News release - 2017 International Tourism Results: the highest in seven years

Comunicado de prensa - Resultados del turismo internacional en 2017: los más altos en siete años

Communiqué de presse - Les résultats 2017 du tourisme international au plus haut des sept dernières années