V4A Inside, Village for All

UNWTO Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology

Second Runner-up: V4A Inside, Village for All, Italy

Auditors of V4AInside at Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Village for All is an organization that works to provide reliable information about tourism facilities that are accessible for people with special needs and disabilities; both in terms of the physical infrastructure of the facility as well as in the culture of the organization. V4A Inside is an innovative tool that facilitates the collection and processing of data related to accessibility in tourism. Village for All auditors operate V4A Inside devices to collect key multimedia data and physical characteristics of a facility following a path appropriate to the structure of the building, which  suggested by the system. After the data is processed and verified by qualified personnel, V4A Inside´s special algorithm provides a list of suggested improvements to make the facility more accessible to all kinds of visitors.

“We are really proud of the effort made by the UNWTO Ulysses Award: this was a crucial chance to foster the role of accessible tourism at an international level.  Accessibility means inclusion, beauty and comfort for everyone. Our project aims at facilitating information: one of the most important human rights. Every enterprise should implement projects to facilitate specific needs because it is good for business, quality and hospitality. Thanks to this award we will be able to spread our competences in the whole world and learn from other stakeholders.”   

Roberto Vitali, V4A® President


Contact: infov4a@villageforall.net

Website: http://www.v4ainside.com/en