2012 UNWTO Awards (9th)


15 November 2012


The 2012 UNWTO Ulysses Prize and Awards Ceremony took place on 15 November 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The UNWTO Ulysses Prize was awarded to Professor Erik Cohen, the George S. Wise Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, for his outstanding contribution to tourism knowledge.  

The 2012 UNWTO Ulysses Awards winners are as follows:

For Innovation in Governance:

Ministry of Malaysia – Malaysia Homestay Experience Program

Runners up:
Tourism Flanders – Holiday Participation Center
Municipality of Tuzla - Valorization of natural heritage - Panonian Salt Lakes in Tuzla


For Innovation in Enterprises:

Experiencias Xcaret – Conservación y difusión del Patrimonio Natural y Cultural de Quintana Roo.

Runners up:
Loisium Hotel – Wine World and Wine & Spa Resorts
University of Aruba – Chanita ta di fiesta
Melià Hotels International – Calviá Beach Resort

For Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations:

Instituto Marca BrasilExperience Tour Project
Nature Friends InternationalLandscape of the year

Runners up:
Asociación de hoteles de turismo de la Repúblicas ArgentinaSustainable Hospitality Program
Zeitz Foundation – Long Run Destinations

For Innovation in Research and Technology:

Instituto de biomecánica de ValenciaTurAcces/IBV

Runners up:
Amadeus IT – Amadeus Agent Track
National Tourism Organization of SerbiaStrawberry Energy Concept