Biographical Sketches of Panelists


Session 3

Key note speaker: Mr. Franz Lamplmair, Advisor, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Mrs. Olivera Brajovic, General Director for Tourism Development and Standards Directorate, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism or Transport, Montenegro

Mr. Francesco di Cesare, President, Risposte Turismo and Scientific Director of Adriatic Sea Forum

Mr. Guy Antognelli, Deputy General Manager, Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority, Monaco

Mrs. Despoina Schistou, Head, Department of Siting of Tourist Ports, Directorate of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, DG Tourism Policy, Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism, Greece

Prof. Srecko Favro, President, Adriatic expert, Croatia

Mr. Kristijan Pavic, Senior Vice-President of MedCruise & Port of Dubrovnik, MedCruise Association

Mr. Tony Browne, Director, Porto Montenegro Marine


Session 4

Mr. Predrag Jelusic, State Secretary, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro

Ms. Gunnur Diker, Advisor to the President, TÜRSAB (the Association of Turkish Travel Agents), Turkey

Mr. Javier Vall de Porcioles, Member, Consulting company DPT21, Barcelona, Spain

Mr. Leslie Vella, Marketing Director, Malta Tourism Authority, Malta

Mr. Adnane Jelb, Chief of Services and Strategy, Direction of Strategy and Cooperation, Ministry of Tourism, Morocco

Mrs. Neda Ivanovic, Director, Local Tourism Organization of Bar, Montenegro

Mr. Zarko Radulovic, President, Montenegrin Tourism Organization, Montenegro

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SESSION 3: Cruse and Maritime Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities

The rapid expansion of the cruise and maritime tourism during the last decades and the intense interest of destinations for developing regional markets have raised various issues mostly related to the sustainability of the activity. The Mediterranean area represents almost the 20% of the global cruise market and it emerged to be the world’s second most popular cruising destination behind the Caribbean. The cruise sector may become a development pillar and accelerate local economies in the Mediterranean. The session will highlight issues regarding the challenges on environmental sustainability as well as the benefits for the local destinations and all the involved actors in the cruise supply chain (i.e., tour operators, travel agencies, cruise line companies ports and marinas, etc.).


Mr. Franz Lamplmair, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Franz Lamplmair
Franz Lamplair is a European Commission official since 1992. He joined DG MARE in 2000.

He is Adviser for Maritime Policy since 2013 in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Directorate of DG MARE, overseeing inter alia the Blue Growth strategy, Maritime Governance and Surveillance.

He worked in institutional relations, fleet policy, environmental dimension of fisheries, maritime policy and conservation policy in the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.  Go to Top


Mrs. Olivera Brajovic, General Director for Tourism Development and Standards Directorate, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro

Olivera BrajovicBorn on 10th of  April, 1964, in Belgrade. She graduated from the University of Titograd, Faculty of Law in May 1987. Since July 2012 she occupies the position of Deputy Minister at the Department for Tourism Development, in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. She is fluent in English and has a good knowledge of Italian and Russian language.

The Department for Tourism Development under her leadership is in charge of tourism policy, preparation of national strategic documents for tourism, measures for encouraging investment activities through tourism development and strengthening its economic benefits, as well as the of promotion and improvement of technical and other quality standards in accordance with  the internationally accepted standards. All of these activities are aimed at creating a unique tourism offer through the introduction of the tourist product of the country, composed by a wide range of facilities and tourist attractions which Montenegro boasts.

Previous work experience:

- Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment Protection, Deputy Minister in the Department for Inspection and Supervision (2010 - 2012)

-The Federal Customs Administration and the Montenegrin Customs Administration, where she occupied managerial positions and participated in the leading development projects (1991 - 2010)
- The Federal Ministry of Justice and Administration, Department for Political System, Belgrade, at the position of Associate (1990 -1991)
- Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction, Residential and Utilities, Municipality of Rovinj, Croatia, at the position of Associate (1989 – 1900)
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, at the position of Associate (1988 – 1989)
- Basic Court in Podgorica, at the position of Intern (1987 – 1988) Go to Top


Mr. Francesco di Cesare, President, Risposte Turismo and Scientific Director of Adriatic Sea Forum

Francesco di CesareFrancesco di Cesare combines his commitments to teaching, research and consultancy on the main topics of the macro-industry of travel and tourism and cultural production, publishing as author or co-author numerous articles and reviews, with operative interventions also in the organisation of big events.

Besides text and contributions on tourism marketing in general, congress tourism, cultural production and relations between cinema tourism and territories, there are numerous articles and papers dedicated to maritime and cruise tourism, of which he is author, co-author or editor, from the first one in 1997 (the book “La produzione crocieristica” (The cruise production), of which he is the author, Giappichelli editore) to the most recent ones (the volume “A Venezia dal mare” (To Venice from the sea), of which he is co-editor, Marsilio Editore, 2012, and "Le imprese crocieristiche" in Economia e Gestione delle Imprese Turistiche, edited by Roberta Garibaldi, Hoepli, 2015).
He is President of Risposte Turismo, a research and consultancy company servicing the tourism macro industry, which has been active for nearly 15 years on an international level. Since 2011 it has organised Italian Cruise Day, the event that has become the point of reference for the Italian cruise sector, this year in its fifth edition, planned for 2 October 2015 in Civitavecchia, and since 2013 Adriatic Sea Forum – cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, next edition to be held in Dubrovnik April 23 and 24. Go to Top


Mr. Guy Antognelli, Deputy General Manager, Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority, Monaco

Guy Antognelli

After economics studies at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis Mr. Antognelli obtained a Master in Financial Engineering. He began his career in the Back Office of the Monegasque subsidiary of a Swiss private bank. Then he  joined the Risk and Internal Audit department of the same bank.

During the following 10 years, he contributed to the development of an insurance office in the Principality, first as a manager then as customers branch manager. 

In 2011, he seized the opportunity to participate in tourism outreach of Monaco occupying the responsible post of the Statistics service officer in the Tourism and Convention Authority of the Principality of Monaco. He contributed to developing and reorienting the mission of this service which is now in charge not only of statistics, but also of the strategic and competitive intelligence.

He was appointed Deputy General Manager in the same organization which has multiple missions:  promotion of the destination abroad, welcoming visitors in the Principality, offering all necessary assistance through the Convention Bureau to organizing events on the territory. Go to Top


Mrs. Despina SchistouHead, Department of Siting of Tourist Ports, Directorate of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, DG Tourism Policy, Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism, Greece

Despina Schistou

Mrs. Despina Schistou is since 2011 Head of Department of Siting of Tourist Ports in the Directorate of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, DG Tourism Policy, in the Hellenic Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism. Responsibilities include planning and siting of tourist port facilities (marinas, anchorages) within the framework of a national spatial planning programme, and issuing of decisions on related operating licenses. 

She graduated as a Rural and Surveying Engineer (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Planning for Infrastructure Projects, and her master’s thesis was “Study on the environmental impacts of wind farms”. 

At present Mrs Schistou is a studying for a PhD (University of the Aegean), with a thesis to be titled “Towards a landscape spatial planning for Greece – a comparative geographical approach.” 

Previous employment 

1996 - 1999 Self-employed Rural and Surveying Engineer 

1999 - 2008 Technical Unit of the Municipality of Gerakas, Athens.  Responsible for overseeing public works, planning studies and technical projects. 

2008 - 2011 Employed by the former Ministry of Touristic Development, in the Directorate of Tourist Ports, Department of Siting, with responsibilities including siting of tourist ports, invitations to tender, and coastal zone management issues. 

Recent published work includes various articles focussing on spatial planning, tourism and land use policy and tourist port planning. Indicative studies in which she was an author include “Tourist Port Planning in National Marine Policy and Environmental Directives” and “Challenges and development potential of Aegean landscapes as tourist destinations”, which were presented at the 5th International scientific conference “Tourism Trends and Advances in the 21st Century”, in Rhodes, 2013. More recently she was a joint author of the article “Towards a spatially integrated framework for Greek tourism land use policy and practice-assessments and prospects” published in TOURISMOS: An International Multidisciplinary Refereed Journal of Tourism, (forthcoming, submitted: Feb 2015). Go to Top


Prof. Srecko Favro, President, Adriatic expert, Croatia

Srecko Favro·         M.Sc. Eng.  University of Split as of Maritime traffic, major in Maritime management. 
·         Doctor’s degree - University of Zadar - dissertation “Geographical Characteristics of Croatian Adriatic as Basis for Nautical Tourism Development”.
·         Permanent Sworn Court Surveyor and Assessor for Maritime Traffic (entitled in 2000),
·         Full Member IIMS „International Institute of Marine Surveying“  (entitled in 2005),
·         Lead auditor - consultant ISO 9000:2000 standard ( Certified by Lloyd Register 2000).   

From academic year 2008 /2009 starts lecturing as Professor  on University of  Split, VERN college of applied sciences, Zagreb, University of Montenegro,  University of Novi Sad  and  Wessex institute of Technology, Southampton, University of Wales, UK.

Main Projects:                                                                                                                                      

Project manager, Ministry of public works and reconstruction,  Croatian government  Turistic ports system development on Croatian islands“,  2001.

Project manager, Ministry of transport, sea, development and tourism, Croatian government „The study development of Croatian nautical tourism“, 2006.

Project manager, Primorsko-goranska county „Possibilities of marina development in Primorsko-goranska county“, 2012,

Project manager, Splitsko-dalmatinska county „Action plan for nautical tourism development in Splitsko-dalmatinska county“, 2015

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Mr. Kristijan Pavic, Senior Vice-President of MedCruise & Port of Dubrovnik, MedCruise Association

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Mr. Tony Browne, Director, Porto Montenegro Marine

Mr. Browne is a former superyacht captain with 10 years' experience at sea, two circumnavigations of the globe and over 80,000 nautical miles of sailing under his belt to ports all over the world where he developed his interest in marinas.

Tony joined Porto Montenegro in 2007 at the commencement of the project. He has seen the development through from its initial concept, to the successful marina and waterfront village it is today.Go to Top





SESSION 4: Effective Gorvernance and Policy Instruments - Success Stories

This session will identify the different possible areas of co-operation and partnerships between the central, regional and local governments and the private sector and civil society to improve the competitiveness of Mediterranean destinations.


Mr. Predrag Jelusic, State Secretary, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro

Predrag JelusicMr. Jelusic was born on 16 September 1969 in Podgorica. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica in 1995. Between 1995 and 1998 he was member of the Municipal   Administration of Budva and occupied the position of Advisor to the Mayor. In 1988 he became Secretary of Commerce and Finances within the same municipality. In 2000 he started his career in tourism as General Manager of Montenegro Tourist Organization. From 2003 onwards, he occuped the post of Chief Executive of HTP “Primorje”, joint stock company from Tivat, comprising hotels “Plavi horizont” (“Blue Horizon”), “Palma”, “Planinka” (in Žabljak). In 2013 Mr. Jelusic was appointed State Secretary in Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

At the same time Mr. Jelusic has been active in other professional areas and occupied the following important positions:

President of Tourist Trade Association of Montenegro between 2008 and 2010
Member of Tourist and Catering Trade Board, with Montenegro Chamber of Commerce between 2010 – 2012
- Member of Executive board of Tivat Tourist Organization
- Member of Rotary Club from 2007 and the Club President for the period 2012 - 2013
- Member of Montenegro Chamber of Commerce Board.Go to Top


Ms. Gunnur Diker, Advisor to the President, TÜRSAB (the Association of Turkish Travel Agents), Turkey

Gunnur Diker

Gunnur Diker (52), Adviser to the President of TURSAB / Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, since 2013. She was Secretary- General of the Association for 6 years and Executive Board Member for 4 years. She was  responsible for 12 working committees, during five consecutive election terms.  

During her board membership of Committee on Travel Agencies and Tourism Transport Companies( 2009-2013 ), she also has been served as  board member of ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) 's Specialized Committee on Culture & Tourism.

She was board member of Development Council of ISTKA/Istanbul Development Agency  between 2010-2013.  Since 2009 she contributes to DEIK/SAIK (Foreign Economic Business Council’s Health Tourism Sub Council)  as their board member.

She also did represented  TURSAB  at IFTO ( 2007-2011 ), the Committee of “Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture” Project  ( 2005-2010 ), Tourism Commission of Beyoglu Municipality, and at "the Accessible Tourism" of Istanbul.

She continues sharing her expertise about TURSAB and Turkish tourism industry during national and international meetings and conferences, and as being their active member, in various Non Profit Organizations.

Her professional career continues as a board member at TURINS Insurance AS, as adviser for product development to Meditravel and finally as founding partner of Eurasia Tourism Ltd. licenced in 1993.Go to Top


Mr. Javier Vall de Porcioles, Member, Consulting Company DPT21, Barcelona, Spain

Javier VallJavier Vall holds a degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, an MBA from Les Heures Foudation, an MBA in Labour Law from the Pompeu Fabra University, and postgraduate courses in Quantitative Techniques and Planning of tourist destinations from the Open University of Catalonia.

He has developed his professional career for more than 10 years in different contexts of the tourist sector holding posts such as a manager of the Hotel Association of Palma Beach or leader of strategic projects related to the eco-tax for the Government of the Balearic Islands.

A decade ago, Javier Vall founds DPT21, a tourist consultancy firm with wide experience in the development of both public and private projects. DPT21 has taken up projects about tourist equipment viability, destinations marketing, new destination development, mature destinations repositioning, tourist products creation, etc.

Javier Vall is specialist in destination strategic planning and product creation, in viability and economic impact studies, and in beaches management and development with the creation of a specific service and methodology for beaches comprehensive improvement, which has been implemented in Barcelona, Badalona, Sitges, Calella, Malgrat, Castelldefels, Pineda, VIladecans, Mataró, Caldes d’Estrac, Santa Susanna, Vilanova, and other destinations.

With regards to other areas, Javier Vall has worked for the local governments of Toledo, Huelva, Málaga, and other, and also for private companies such as Eroski, Natural Links, TRUSAM, HUSA Hotels, Fundació Esplai, Iberostar, Catatour.

Member of the Organizing Committee BTravel (Old International Tourism Fair of Catalonia. Fira de Barcelona. Go to Top


Mr. Leslie Vella, Marketing Director, Malta Tourism Authority, Malta

Leslie VellaLeslie Vella was born in Floriana, Malta in 1964 and received his education at De La Salle College, the New Lyceum and the University of Malta from where he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Management in 1988.

He can boast of a 32 year career in tourism with the Malta Tourism Authority and its predecessor the National Tourism Organisation of Malta. During these years he has occupied various senior management positions in the organisation including Deputy Director of the Malta Tourist Office in London (1988-1991), Research and Planning Manager (1992-1999), Director Corporate Services (1999-2001), CEO (2001-2004), Head of Research & Business Planning (2005-2006) and Director Marketing Support & Development (2006 to date).  His major expertise is in the fields of Policy, Strategy, Tourism Research and Planning.

Leslie has also been very active on the international front with a 17-year stint as Chair of the European Travel Commission’s Market Intelligence Group between 1997 and 2014. During this period the Market Intelligence Group developed a strong partnership with the UNWTO’s Tourism Market Trends Programme and a host of other European tourism organisations that resulted in a pan-European tourism research programme culminating in the publication of numerous joint market and product studies, handbooks and best-practice manuals.  Between 1999 and 2014 he also sat on the Board of Directors of the European Travel Commission in an ex-ufficio capacity as Chair of the Market Intelligence Group. Over the years he has participated in various international tourism conferences, fora and seminars organised by UNWTO, ETC, IPK International and other organisations. 

Between 2001 and 2004 he was Malta’s representative on the UNWTO’s Market Intelligence and Promotion Committee and also served as Malta’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UNWTO between 2009 and 2013 and Permanent Representative between 2013 and 2014.  In August 2002 he was appointed on the first Board of Directors of the newly set up Heritage Malta agency where he served until 2005 whilst also having sat on the National Committee of Guarantee between 2005 and 2013 which was set up to safeguard Malta’s state owned and privately owned heritage under the Cultural Heritage Act (Chapter 445 of the Laws of Malta).

Between 1992 and 2008 Leslie actively lectured to Tourism undergraduates within the University of Malta and tutored several theses and dissertations.  In 1999 he co-authored a study on “The Economic Impact of Tourism in Malta”, and more recently in 2015 was the main drafter of Malta’s National Tourism Policy document covering the period 2015-2020.  He is currently focusing on translating the Policy into a Strategic Tourism Development Framework for the Malta Tourism Authority.Go to Top


Mr. Adnane Jelb, Chief of Services and Strategy, Direction of Strategy and Cooperation, Ministry of Tourism, Morocco

Adnane Jelb

Mr. Jelb holds a Master degree in planning and managing resorts. He was appointed in july 2007 as Head of Studies and Business Intelligence department at the Ministry of Tourism of Morocco. Among his duties are:

- preparation and follow-up of strategic and sectoral studies
- preparation of reports of strategic and competitive monitoring of the tourism sector in Morocco
- management of the Tourism Observatory of Morocco

Since 2014, he serves as an expert in Strategy at the Council of Arab Ministries of Tourism of the League of Arab States.

From June 2006 to June 2007, Mr. Jelb was in charge of planning and follow-up at the Ministry of Tourism of Morocco. From January 2004 to may 2006, he worked as consultant in many tourism consulting companies in France.Go to Top


Mrs. Neda Ivanovic, Director, Local Tourism Organization of Bar, Montenegro

Neda IvanovicNeda Ivanovic, born in Bar in 1960. She graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Belgrade, Department of Tourism. After graduation, she returned to Montenegro and worked as a receptionist in HTP „Korali“, then as an independent officer for publicity and information, as well as the editor of the magazine and in the forwarding department of „Bartranzit“.

From January 1997 until 2005, she was a  director of the Tourism Center of Bar and, under the auspices of the Tourism Organization of Montenegro, she implemented numerous activities for the promotion of this municipality, such as the International TV Festival in 1998 and 1999. She actively took part in the reorganization of the Tourism Centre of Bar and its return under the umbrella of the Municipality, with the title Tourism Organization of the Municipality of Bar. As a director of TO Bar, in the period from 20015 to 2014, together with a team of employees, after many years of activities, she has managed to reposition the tourism offer of the Municipality back in line with temporary trends in the global tourism market.

Her contribution to the local community is reflected in the implementation of a number of international projects which were important for the development of tourism in this area, involvement in writing scientific and professional papers as well as innovative solutions regarding Bar as a destination. Assembly of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro (NTO Montenegro) chose her as a member of the Executive Board of the NTO Montenegro for the period from 2010 to 2014, and then again from 2014 until 2018. Go to Top


Mr. Zarko Radulovic, President, Montenegrin Tourism Organization, Montenegro

Zarko RadulovicMontenegrin national, born 1954. In 2003 together with his partner, he founded company "Hotel Group Montenegro Stars“ and during that same year they started a process of purchasing 3 hotels, „Blue Star“, „Montenegro“ and „Splendid“. Before that he spent 15 years running travel agencies „Montenegro Express“ and „Meridian“ which was his own property, later he entrusted the agency to his daughter. With a partner from Croatia he founded an Employment agency „Globemarine“. He started his career as Captain of an ocean cruise ship. Mr. Radulovic is also active as:

-  President of ISTA

-  President of the Montenegrin Tourist Association

- Member of the Council of Employers of Montenegro - Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce -  Board  member - Founder and member of Montenegrin Foreign Investment Council. Go to Top



Ms. Esencan Terzibasoglu, Director, Destination Management and Quality, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Esencan TerzibasogluMs. Esencan Terzibasoglu has been working in the UNWTO since 2001 as the responsible person for the programme activities in the area of tourism destination management, which is relatively a recent concept and activity concerning tourism governance at national and particularly at regional and local level. "Quality" has recently been integrated in the same programme which will mainly focus on destination quality as a parameter for competitiveness.

She studied "urban and regional planning” in the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey and worked 25 years in the public sector in Turkey and abroad where she held senior management positions in tourism master  planning,  tourism investment policies and legislation , site planning and conservation of cultural heritage sites,  vocational tourism training, international relations and lastly, in tourism promotion and marketing ( 8 years as the Director of the Turkish Tourism Office in Madrid, in charge of Spain, Portugal and South America) before joining the UNWTO).

During her various posts in the public sector, she also contributed as an international expert to some research projects and initiatives conducted by international organizations such as UNEP, particularly on “sustainable tourism development and management” in the Mediterranean coastal zones. Besides being an official delegate in the meetings of regional and international organizations like WTO (UNWTO), UNESCO, HABITAT, OECD Tourism Committee, MEMMTA, etc., she was invited to contribute to many conferences, seminars and workshops with technical papers/presentations.

She speaks fluent English and Spanish. Go to Top


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