Ministerial Debate on Education and Employment in Tourism


12 September 2019

Saint Petersburg

In the framework of the 23rd session of UNWTO General Assembly, the Ministerial Debate on the theme “Education and Employment in Tourism, realizing SDG 4 and SDG 8” discussed the challenges of the Future of Work in Tourism and how the sector can adapt to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goal at the national and global levels, more specifically, SDGs 4 and 8.

Tourism is expected to continue growing in the coming years. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge: the opportunity to invest and create quality jobs and opportunities in the tourism sector and the challenge of investing in highly qualified and motivated human capital that meets current and future market demands. Such human capital will ultimately enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of tourism. To do so, it must adapt to the emergence of new businesses models, products and services, to digitalization and robotization and constant change, which requires different competencies, knowledge, personal skills and attributes.

At a moment where creating opportunities for young people is a common challenge to all, the Ministerial Debate on ‘Education and Employment in Tourism, realizing SDG 4 and SDG 6’ brought together Ministers of Tourism to share their vision and experience to set a common roadmap for the common quest of building more and better jobs for all.

Final Programme (EN) (SP(FR)

Presentation: "On Education and a New Enlightenement", by Mr. Diego del Alcazar, Executive Vice-President, IE University

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General Assembly - Ministerial Debate on "Education and Employment in Tourism, realizing SDG 4 & 8