UNWTO Webinar on Institutional Strengthening in Destination Management: Preparing DMOs for new challenges


29 May 2019


Many factors account for the increased focus on effective destination management, all of them urging Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) to face and adapt to new challenges.

This webinar will set the scene on the concept of destination management and DMOs, their current challenges and their role as leading organizations with a broader mandate which includes strategic planning, coordination and management of a full range of activities within an adequate governance structure with the integration of different stakeholders operating in the destination under common goals.

This webinar aims to stress the relevance of having a leading organizational entity at destination level and of setting a sound framework of criteria and indicators for DMOs, based on the UNWTO.QUEST Certification - with the 17 SDGs incorporated in their plans and policies – and it will provide a set of recommendations for DMOs to improve their planning, managing and institutional governance.

Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/711529557709992461

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