À propos de nous

The Programme for "Destination Management" is committed to respond positively to the growing need for systematic, multidisciplinary and intersectoral strategies for tourism at local, regional and national level and in particular to provide strategic guidance in Destination Management. 



The Programme for "Destination Management" aims at supporting the members in their efforts directed to:

  • Enhance sustainable development of tourism, maximizing economic, social and cultural benefits for the local communities;
  • Develop effective management and marketing tools to reinforce the destination competitiveness; 
  • Facilitate new product development in line with market trends, needs and interests;
  • Undertake appropriate research to measure the economic impact of tourism as well as to identify the strategic priorities of the destination.



  • Improve capacity of the destinations for performance in management;
  • Disseminate know how and good practices related to destination competitiveness and optimization of destination management:
  • Advocacy and broader awareness with regard to decentralization and localization of tourism management with major participation of the private industry.



  • Establishing a competitive edge;
  • Ensuring tourism sustainability;
  • Spreading the benefits of tourism;
  • Improving tourism yield;
  • Building a strong and vibrant brand identity.