Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness (CTC)

1. Background:

The Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness (CTC) was established, with the aim of replacing the former Market and Competitiveness (MCC), at the 95th session of the Executive Council (Belgrade, Serbia, May 2013)(CE/DEC/7(XCV)).

Its Rules of Procedure and the composition were approved by the Council at its 96th session (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, August 2013) (CE/DEC/9(XCVI)).        


2. Work Priorities:

  • Supporting the Organization in fulfilling its normative role;
  • Providing a dialogue mechanism between the public and private tourism stakeholders and the academia within a coherent framework in strengthening the policies and strategies on tourism competitiveness;
  • Building synergies and strategic alignments in the harmonization of the related activities of the Secretariat as well as other collaborating organizations/entities to ensure consistency and consensus in the delivery of outputs and reinforce the official positions of the Organization.           

3. Achievements of the Committee (2013-2015):

Tourism DestinationDuring the mandate 2013-2015 the CTC members elaborated the following definitions/concepts:

  • Destination Management /  Marketing  Organization
  • Tourism Product
  • Tourism Value Chain
  • Quality of a Tourism Destination
  • Innovation In Tourism
  • Competitiveness of a Tourism Destination

Download full list of the terminology here

A simplified framework for destination competitiveness has also been identified including a list of quantitative and qualitative factors under two topics: i) governance, management and market dynamics, ii) destination appeal, attractors, products and supply.

These definitions were first presented to the 100th session of the Council for information: Report of the Secretary-General Part I: Current situation and activities (d) Implementation of the general programme of work for 2014-2015

Later endorsed to the 103rd session of the Executive Council: Report of the Secretary-General
Part II: Implementation of the General Programme of Work

4. CTC Initiatives 2015-2019:

  • Further definitions will be harmonized:  e.g. tourism image, tourism brand, accessibility, accommodation types, tourism and/or product typologies( i.e. urban/city tourism, ecotourism, rural tourism, coastal tourism, cruise tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism, religious/spiritual tourism, wellness/spa tourism, medical tourism, mega-events tourism, meetings industry etc.) for review and consensus.  
  • A new initiative will be launched: (Proposed by Peru –Chair of CTC) which aims at elaborating a series of technical publications which analyze and conceptually define the quantitative and qualitative factors of destination competitiveness and at the same time showcase a number of destinations at national, regional and/or local levels which already developed efficient methodologies, tools and indicators to evaluate their competitiveness, given some of the related factors/variables. 



For further information please contact the CTC Secretariat: