Isoitok Camp Manyara, The African Footprint Co ltd

UNWTO Ulysses Prize for Innovation in Enterprises

Winner: Isoitok Camp Manyara, The African Footprint Co ltd, Tanzania

Isoitok Camp Manyara was created and designed as a unique accommodation with the idea to allow foreign travelers an insight to experience the true life and daily existence of the Maasai people. Our responsibility in tourism is to aid and give back where ever possible to the Esilalei Maasai community and the Tanzania people at large.

The experience of staying at Isoitok Camp is an education both in cultural tourism and how we run a business using the environment that is around us. The traveler during familiarization briefing gets to understand the true meaning of an “eco” friendly “sustainable” camp.

"To win UNWTO has given the Isoitok team a deep sense of pride and refueled energies to push forward  with a truly sustainable existence which benefits all parties and further ensures the projects we continue to inject into the community receive the financial support and energy required to do so."  

Chris Pelley, Managing Director