UNWTO Tourism Definitions

UNWTO Tourism Definitions
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Since its establishment in 2013 as a subsidiary organ of the Executive Council, the Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness (CTC) has focused its work mainly on assessing the state of knowledge on the basic concept of “tourism competitiveness” and identifying its key factors. As an outcome of the work of the CTC, the 22nd Session of the General Assembly held in Chengdu, China (11-16 September 2017) adopted as Recommendations some operational definitions used in the ”tourism value chain” as well as a set of operational definitions on some selected tourism types.
It is aimed that these operational definitions provide the UNWTO Members and other tourism stakeholders with a comprehensive and concise, operational, applicable and globally relevant conceptual framework on some concepts used in the tourism value chain and on some selected tourism types to set the scene and contribute to establish a common ground for a harmonized understanding.