15th UNWTO Awards - Call for applications

The UNWTO Awards aim to acknowledge the contribution of institutions - public, private or NGOs - to competitive and sustainable tourism development at the local, national, regional and international levels.

The contribution of the awardees is in line with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and the principles and Sustainable Development Goals.

Before you submit your application, we invite you to read carefully the following documents:


  • Make sure to have all mandatory documents ready for upload before submitting your application as it is not possible to save your application.
  • Deadline for applications is 31 October 2018 (23:59 Central European Time)

For further assistance, please contact awards@unwto.org 

Application form

Details of submitted initiative

Please note that all communications related to the 15 UNWTO Awards - Call for applications will be sent to this email address.

Years of operation of the initiative
Initiative's mandatory documents

Please upload the following mandatory documents (in PDF; max. 1000 kb).
1. The title of each document should reflect the contents of the document.
2. If you miss to attach one mandatory document, the system will automatically remove all the submitted documents. In that case, please re-attach all documents.

Please upload an executive summary of the initiative reflecting the essence of the initiative and the reasons why it merits the award with up to 300 words.

Please upload a summary of the mission, vision and objectives, main characteristics, innovative features and impact of the initiative with up to 1200 words.

Please upload a list of partnerships, if applicable, differentiating intellectual and implementation partners.

If the signee is not the Head of the Organization, please upload a Letter of Authorization from the Head of the Organization in headed letter (signed and stamped)

Please upload any additional document that you deem necessary for the application.

Applicants are not able to upload videos through the online application form. Please provide a link where the video(s) can be downloaded.


Please provide the names and contact information of three referees who can confirm their support of your application. Each referee should submit a recommendation letter in English to support the entry. Exceptionally, the UNWTO will accept recommendation letters in languages other than English provided they are accompanied by an English translation. Please note that the applicant is responsible for collecting, translating and sending the recommendations letters. The UNWTO will only contact the referees for matters related to the application if deemed necessary.

First referee

Please upload the recommendation letter from the first referee (up to 1000 kb)

Second referee

Please upload the recommendation letter from the second referee (up to 1000 kb)

Third referee

Please upload the recommendation letter from the third referee (up to 1000 kb)

Supporting documents

Candidates have been requested to submit the documents listed underneath. These documents should have been submitted in PDF format. The title of each document should reflect the contents of the document. Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

You can use the below as a check-list to confirm that all mandatory documents have been uploaded.


I, hereby, declare that all the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge and that I have read, understood and accepted the Statement of Understanding and Acceptance as well as the Guidelines and agree to all of the terms therein. Should I fail to adhere to the conditions set out by said Statement and Guidelines, I understand that the UNWTO reserves the right to dismiss my application. I also authorize UNWTO to contact the referees provided in all matters concerning this application.

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